Monday, January 16, 2012

Don a stylish peacoat

Just before Christmas, I was schlepping around our local grocery store (looking for non fat eggnog- never did find it) when I came to a sudden halt. There, among the I’m-tired-out and threw-on-whatever-I-had shoppers, was one perfectly dressed woman. She was wearing a smile, straight dark pants, comfortable looking low heels and a fantastic plaid peacoat plus stylish scarf. Her hair was pulled back and her only makeup was lip gloss. She also had with her two unhappy children, one in the cart and the other alongside. Despite the chaos of the store and the kids, she came across as calm, in charge and comfortably fashionable. After looking closer, I realized that it was the beautiful peacoat that totally pulled the style together. I, on the other hand, looked like the “Before” picture from What Not to Wear. So I dumped my stained 1989 San Francisco State sweatshirt and bought myself a great peacoat. Look out Safeway…there’s a new woman on Aisle 10! Pam more…

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