Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Choose Foolproof Wall Paint Colors for Your Home

Are you thinking about updating your home decor this spring? Want to bring some pizazz into your space? If so, here is an article that gives some very creative ideas of how to use color in new ways. The designer offers solutions that never would have occurred to me. I'm inspired! more...Pam

Saturday, March 3, 2012

‘King Peggy’: A Cinderella Story — With A Twist

During my vacation to San Francisco, I had the pleasure of reading the new nonfiction bestseller, KING PEGGY. It was so delightful that I read it TWICE! The book is full of fascinating juxtapositions: the life of a secretary in the United States and the life of a king in Ghana; a lonely life and a life surrounded by community; living without real purpose and living with a meaning decided by one's ancestors etc. Peggy brings to her role, as (shockingly!) a female king in Ghana, all the wit and wisdom of a modern day woman mixed with the traditions and beliefs of her relatives in Ghana. Loved it! more... Pam

Too Cute to Eat! 10 Easter Treats for Kids

My mother started the tradition : an Easter Bunny cake complete with black licorice whiskers and bifocals. When my sister and I were little (50 years ago!), we worked on the cake with Mom. Then our kids came along and the height of the celebration was making the cake with Grandma. Here are some fun holiday treats to make yourself or with the little ones in your family……so creative!more…