Wednesday, March 20, 2013

National Umbrella Month

Did you know it's National Umbrella Month? I am more of a hood on my raincoat kind of person, but when I found out umbrellas had their own month I decided to do a bit of research.

First of all you can rent umbrellas for events...who knew? Bella Umbrella has a wonderful collection, especially for weddings. 

And there are quite a few websites about umbrellas...

Victorias Past tells a bit about how they became a fashion status for the rich. I love the part about how the locals carried colanders on broomstick to mimic the first umbrella fashionista. carries designer umbrellas. 

There are even Armani umbrellas at European-Umbrellas. You also can find out more history and how they are made and the proper way to fold them up!

Ever wonder about the difference between an umbrella and parasol? Umbrellas are for rain and Parasols are for shade against the sun.

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