Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashion Question - If You Remember Flowered Pants the First Time They Were Popular, Are You Too Old For Them Now?

I remember patterned capris from the 60s.(The flowered pants in the picture are from Anthropologie) I thought patterned pants were fabulous then, not so sure now. What do you think? Are flowered capris stylish for baby boomers?


  1. Honestly, I think this might be one of those trends that looks fresh for those who haven't worn it before, but not those of us old enough to have worn it the first time or two around.

    However, if you absolutely love the look, you should try it. I'm not a great believer in fashion rules, but I am a believer in dressing happy.

    1. Fadedginger. That was pretty much my take on it. I like to have fun clothes and not clothes that make me wonder if I've made a big mistake.